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Energy Award

Energy Award
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The District Heating System

  • All 52 houses are serviced by direct-buried, pre-insulated piping.
  • Working fluid is water.
  • It is connected to the STTS through a heat exchanger, all located within the Energy Centre.
  • There are 4 individual home-run loops off a manifold in the Energy Centre.
  • Water temperature is modulated based on outdoor temperature.
  • Flow is modulated based on the number of houses calling.

Plastic, insulated, underground pipe is used to distribute heated water from the community’s Energy Centre back to the homes.  The hot water circulating through these pipes will typically be 40 - 50°C.  The distribution temperature will vary through the year based on the outside air temperature and the flow regulated to match demands by the homeowners. 

This lower temperature reduces losses from the pipes and is more compatible with the solar energy source. Keeping the system operating temperature as low as possible causes the solar collectors to operate in a more efficient manner, thus increasing the total quantity of heat available for delivery to the homes.

Because of a lower water temperature used in the district heating system, each home is equipped with a specially designed air-handler unit for adequate heat distribution.

Drake Landing Solar Community Site Plan
Drake Landing Solar Community Site Plan

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