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Energy Award

Energy Award
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Solar Collection  

  • 800– 2.45m x 1.18m flat-plate glazed collectors
  • 50% propylene glycol antifreeze
  • Mounted on four rows of garages, with two rows of collectors per garage
  • Azimuth – south; tilt – 45°

The solar thermal collection system consists of 800 flat plate solar panels organized into four rows mounted on the detached garages behind the homes.

An antifreeze solution - a mixture of water and non-toxic glycol - is pumped through the solar collectors and heated whenever the sun is out. The 800 collectors are connected via an underground, insulated pipe that carries the heated solution to the community’s Energy Centre. Once there, the heated solution passes through a heat exchanger, where the heat is transferred to the water in the short-term storage tanks. While the flow rate through the collectors is constant, the flow rate on the water side of the heat exchanger is automatically adjustable, allowing the control system to set a desired temperature rise.

The solar collectors for DLSC were manufactured by Enerworks.

Solar Collector Cross-Section
Solar Collector Cross-Section